Nation building.

At the end of the day, that is what really matters.

Nation building is the reason why the government encourage startups, enact the right policies, and support rural farmers.

It is the reason why parents send their children to school and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

It is the reason why we find new ways to use technology to solve problems, like how people can start farming from the comfort of their home or office with our Farmcrowdy mobile app.

Collectively, the actions we all take is how we become stronger as a nation.

A nation is only as strong as its people. 

The people, however, are as strong as the amount of food they can access and when there is a huge gap between demand and supply, food becomes expensive and difficult to access.

By bridging the gap between demand and supply of food that we can sit, relax and guarantee food security for our children.

There is a lot of assumptions about agriculture, about how much we produce in this country and how much of it actually gets to us (a lot of it actually gets wasted before it is distributed to our local store) and this concern us because we are well aware that agriculture is directly tied to the growth of this nation.

We hope this infographic that shows the gap between demand and supply of some major agricultural products in Nigeria will inspire you in a lot of ways; from how you perceive the agricultural industry in Nigeria to your plans in moving it forward.

the demand and supply of major agricultural products in Nigeria

Growing our own food for our children to eat is our mission and contribution to nation building. Click here to join us.

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